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Urban Wayfinding Develops a Sense of Place

The Impact of Urban Wayfinding Signage on Booming California Communities

April 23, 2019

Dense urban communities are booming across California—especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, where tech influence drives economic […]

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Unique Donor Recognition Ideas

Unique Donor Recognition Display Ideas to Inspire Continued Engagement

April 18, 2019

The value of donor recognition goes beyond showing gratitude for a gift; it’s a part of a larger—often […]

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Rebranding Tips

Three Crucial Rebranding Tips for Rapid Brand Growth

April 16, 2019

Rapid brand growth is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you know your business is thriving. On […]

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How to Create a Corporate Identity

How to Create a Holistic Corporate Identity

April 11, 2019

While your company has probably spent thousands of dollars investing in consumer-centric branding, you might have overlooked how […]

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The Next Generation

August 21, 2018

A look towards the future. Follow the genealogy of firms started by baby boomers in the 60s and 70s, and you’ll find some amazing stories. Like families, professional practices are comprised of…

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Teeing Off

July 27, 2018

GNU Group Sponsors CoreNet’s 16th Annual Golf Tournament. This past June, CoreNet, a non-profit association dedicated to the advancement of corporate real estate practice, hosted their…

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Addressing the Heart

November 10, 2017

We’re always gratified when one of our designs can have an impact beyond its primary function. In this case, a young couple celebrating their 1st anniversary chose to celebrate their commitment to one another […].

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Paper Sign Inserts Made SIMple

September 6, 2017

It’s SIMple. That’s just one way to describe GNU’s Sign Insert Manager™ (SIM™). SIM™ is a cloud-based service that allows paper sign inserts to be easily changed in-house.

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Capturing the Magic

July 18, 2017

The Disney theme parks should really be considered living signage museums. Signage designers work with a limited vocabulary of variables. The resultant messages go way beyond the words.

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Timeless Branding

June 1, 2017

Of the thousands of branding books, almost without exception they define a brand as a promise to the customer or client. To that end, a brand is encapsulated in every aspect of a firm’s performance and behavior.

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Dress Rehearsal

May 22, 2017

You have seen the renderings, reviewed the construction drawings and documents, and even created an animation of your new signs. These are all useful tools in evaluating any sign program.

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Price, Service & Quality?

April 11, 2017

When creating and implementing environmental branding, signage, and wayfinding programs, can you have all three – price, service, and quality – or do you end up settling for two?

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GNUs Give

December 21, 2016

Each year-end is a time to reflect on the blessings that we at GNU Group enjoy. We take this time to pay it forward to our community by helping those in need. Everyone at GNU wishes you and a very joyous holiday and a happy GNU year!

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GNUs from ULI

November 17, 2016

The efficacy with which ULI fulfills this mission is always on display at the Annual Fall Meeting. Held this year in downtown Dallas, the meeting was testament to the depth and quality by which ULI delivers on its mandate.

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Take a dip into our SPA™

October 19, 2016

When we’re done with the Sign Profile Analysis™ (SPA™), you will have everything you need to make informed decisions about what things will cost and how to allocate your signage budgets.

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Growing Fast at 40+

November 3, 2015

How can a firm that’s already been in business for over 40 years be one of the SF Business Times Bay Area’s 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies? “Growth is an important measure of success,” explains […].

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Hablamos Juntos

September 29, 2015

After 15 years of operating out of modular buildings, Ravenswood Family Health Center’s move to a spacious, colorful, light filled two story facility is an important addition to quality healthcare for everyone.

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Keeping Austin Weird

June 23, 2015

In opening their Austin, Texas facilities, Australian based Atlassian, wanted to meld their corporate culture with the distinct character that defines Austin. Diverse. Local. Weird.

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Conserving Water – One Sign at a Time

May 26, 2015

Governor Brown’s recent mandate for a 25% cut in water use makes the new entry to West Valley College in Saratoga not only a bold new image, but also an investment in environmental sustainability.

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GNU’s Sign Profile Analysis™

April 9, 2015

The Sign Profile Analysis™ is the first step in a comprehensive process that we call the Sign System Navigator™. It defines all of the requirements for creating a complete signage program […].

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GNU Surveyor™

March 11, 2015

Consolidation, reconfiguring and repositioning facilities posed a unique challenge when renovations to existing facilities are required. A huge benefit to GNU’s client’s in all market segments was realized […].

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Healthcare Wayfinding, It’s about behavior, not signs

February 9, 2015

The problem is very clear – too many people are getting lost finding their way in health care facilities. The knee jerk response – “we need a new wayfinding program” or, “we need more signs.”

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