GNU Group Announces Launch of Sign Insert Manager™

Published on: June 5, 2018

LOS ANGELES – June 5, 2018 – GNU Group, a leader in sign standards and wayfinding programs, today announced the national and international launch of the company’s proprietary Sign Insert Manager™ (SIM™), a unique cloud-based solution that allows companies to quickly produce high-quality paper sign inserts in-house.

An estimated 70% of corporate offices use some form of signs that require changeable paper inserts for their offices, cubicles and conference rooms. SIM™ is the only cloud-based service of its kind that allows for the quick and easy in-house creation of paper sign inserts featuring custom fonts, logos, colors, photos, embossing and more.

“We initially developed this product for our clients who would often share their frustrations about the time-consuming, complicated and costly process of keeping their office signs up to date,” said Phil Murphy, President and Chief Executive Officer of GNU Group. “Whether a business has 20 employees or 2,000 employees, this seemingly simple task is a major pain point. The Sign Insert Manager™ makes it easy to control and maintain the company’s brand standards across the company and across multiple offices.”

SIM™ is now being offered to businesses throughout the country and internationally. Requiring only a licensing fee, SIM™ is designed to work with any sign system that features changeable inserts. It does not require integration with a company’s existing IT platform, and a simple four-click process allows for speed and ease of use by any administrator.

“Gone are the days when a new employee has to wait three weeks before their name appears next to their office door,” added Murphy. “We know that behind every sign there is a person with a unique story. SIM™ provides an easy solution for companies to maintain design consistency in a fast-moving office environment, while at the same time showing every employee how much they are valued.”

For more information about Sign Insert Manager™, view the video.