GNU’s Sign Profile Analysis™

Published on: April 9, 2015

The Sign Profile Analysis™ is the first step in a comprehensive process that we call the Sign System Navigator™. It defines all of the requirements for creating a complete signage program, including how to incorporate branding, the wayfinding strategy, the project needs, sign hierarchy, messages, locations, quantities and much more. The following are among the many issues that are resolved during the SPA™.

FUNCTION: How signs provide direction, information, and identification to make environments easy to navigate.

What’s the wayfinding strategy?

How many message types?

How many signs?

Where do they go?

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AESTHETICS: How signs contribute to the visual of the environment with appropriate forms, materials, and graphics.

What are the architectural, interior, landscape and other environmental features that should influence design?

COMPLIANCE: How the design solution assures that facilities meet all code and ordinance requirements.

What are the codes and ordinances that need to be met?

Who are the jurisdictions and agencies that need to pass judgment?

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OPERATIONS: How the system will accommodate the costs, life cycle, maintenance, and other considerations.

Who will install?

Who will maintain?

How often do things change?

How long do they need to last?

Can they be ‘green’?

Can they be changed in house?

What’s the reorder process?

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IMAGE/BRANDING/MARKETING: How signs support the client’s brand and visual identity.

How will you present your brand?

How will the signs contribute to marketing?

As we work through these issues for you, we establish budget estimates, and we identify a high & low price for what each sign type might cost. Add them up and you are in a position to know exactly where you want to go to add value to your property and maximize your users/ customer experience.

We take this approach because, like a house or a car, the cost depends on the details. When we’re done with SPA™ our client’s have everything they need to know to make informed decisions about allocating budgets and how to deal with pre-construction issues in order to avoid costly change orders.

Our next step is to design to the criteria established in the SPA™. We can guarantee that the cost of the signs will meet the budget. How do we do that? Well, we’ve been at this for 40 years, we know what things costs. We have great fabrication partners that we turn to when we need additional confirmation of prices and you’ve given us the direction we need to be strategic in our creativity.

And the insight to produce a targeted, creative and highly functional solution and the result is signage that precisely meets your needs.