Price, Service & Quality?

Published on: April 11, 2017

When creating and implementing environmental branding, signage, and wayfinding programs, can you have all three – price, service, and quality – or do you end up settling for two?

This old adage about expectations when purchasing services could be an apt description of what often happens when creating and implementing environmental branding, signage and wayfinding programs. This is usually the result of the number of hands that touch a project. GNU has structured our process to deliver all three.

How we do it  

GNU’s methodology for developing environmental branding and wayfinding programs follows a prescriptive 7 step process honed over 4 decades. From analysis through installation, each step is thoroughly planned and calculated to meet a client’s goals. This happens at the very beginning with our Sign Profile Analysis™ (SPA™).

The  SPA™ identifies all program needs and expectations. Budgets are determined, quality standards are set and realistic schedules are cast. Once agreed upon by everyone, we have a clear path to deliver what we promise – price, service, and quality to match expectations

Whether modified design build or competitive bid, our SPA™ budgets drive our design solutions so there are never any surprises when the fabrication numbers come in. Schedules are also set to anticipate contingencies while accommodating client deadlines. Our creative teams combine dedicated project managers with creative designers, each with specific project responsibilities that ensure efficiency and avoid miscues. The team’s coordinated efforts keep projects on track. Long-standing relationships with select fabrication partners allow us to understand cost implications and deliver signs that meet the expectations for price, schedule, and quality.

We also have inordinate control through the final stages of any program with our own in-house installation crew to make sure that the last step of the process is seamless.

We are especially proud of our processes and our track record for delivering quality solutions, on time and on budget.