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3 Bottom-line Ways Your Office Cubicle Signs Can Be More Simple and Effective

Published on: October 22, 2019

Office space is a finite resource. What happens when you need to repurpose a cubicle on short notice? You’d have to update the cubicle’s sign to avoid confusion. And if someone in the office quickly makes a temporary sign in MS Word, you end up with a sign that may be misspelled, misaligned, or look visually inconsistent with your brand.

Most solutions for office cubicle sign inserts on the market are time-consuming, frustrating, and wasteful. Using them involves a learning curve, limits the materials you can use, has minimal branding options, and creates inserts that have errors, or are visually inconsistent. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Updating Office Cubicle Signs Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain

We all know how tedious it is when you must suddenly change office cubicle signs. It’s a common problem but with a little planning, you can have a solution in place to solve it, every time. Here are some of the problems you might face when updating office cubicle signs and how to solve them.

Problem #1: Room for error

Word has been around long enough that you’d think everyone in your office knows how to use it but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a learning curve when making cubicle sign inserts. Sign inserts are particularly finicky when it comes to spacing, margins, and even fonts. Usually, the person making the insert ends up printing countless pieces of paper just to get it right. Frankly, Word templates are a dated solution and you can achieve better efficiency with less room for error. 

Avoid adopting just any sign insert solution, especially one that’s entirely local and not cloud-based. Choose a modern solution that can be customized to ease new users into an intuitive software environment. The best signage solution can boil the process of making new inserts down into four easy steps:

1. Choose the type of sign you’re making an insert for.

2. Enter the insert’s new text. The font and style details will be automatically formatted for you based on a template branded specifically for your firm.

3. Preview your sign to ensure the spelling is correct.

4. Print your new insert on perforated paper and update your sign.

Using a modern solution that has a user-friendly process leads to convenient, accurate signage that looks professional every time. And it will make the functionality of any cubicle space readily apparent.

Problem #2: Materials limitations

If you are using an outdated office cubicle sign insert solution, your employees are also probably printing them out on old fashioned card stock. And, when that runs out, your employees turn to cheap standard printing paper. The end result is that your office space looks less-than-professional. 

To solve this problem, select a sign insert solution that allows you to work with a variety of materials. The right solution will allow you to upgrade your office look and feel by working seamlessly with a variety of higher-end materials including parchment or high-gloss paper. Then your cubicle spaces can look tidy and in-line with your environmental branding

Problem #4: Lack of branding

Let’s face it: The administrator responsible for making your on-the-fly signage probably doesn’t have a graphic arts degree and may not be a brand specialist. If you have a dated office cubicle sign program, you are missing a critical opportunity to convey your brand. 

Choose the signage insert solution that comes with branded templates designed specifically for your firm. When a member of your team goes to create a new office cubicle sign insert, they can simply select and apply the branded template of their choice. Not only will new inserts match existing ones but they will reflect your overall office interior brand

The Results of a Modern Office Cubicle Sign Program

A modern sign insert solution can help you personalize with unique details. Include the employee’s name alongside their photos or your company logo. Edit an insert’s colors, fonts or the material it’s printed on. Many companies have used advanced cubicle sign insert solutions to ensure all the signs in their offices are attractive and branded, including Veeva Systems, a cloud-based system for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

office cubicle signs

When Veeva Systems needed a way to quickly print standardized, branded sign inserts for their new office space, they implemented Sign Insert Manager™ (SIM™). Now, every sign is printed on the same material and automatically sized to correctly fit every office cubicle sign holder. The company is able to create stylish, branded sign inserts with just a few clicks of a mouse. And their new facility shares the same sense of place with the old offices.

Cloud-Based SIM™ is a Sign of the Times

If ever faced any of these problems, what you need is a reliable way of solving them. You know you’re going to need to update a sign at a moment’s notice, eventually. So why keep struggling?

It may be time to evolve how you mark office cubicle spaces with SIM™. It’s not just a temporary fix until you get permanent signage. It is the permanent signage solution you need. Why? Because it offers flexibility while upholding your brand with a professional look and feel.

GNU Group offers all the training, support, licenses, and subscriptions you need to adopt SIM™ as your long-term office cubicle sign solution. So make outdated office cubicle signs a thing of the past. Create beautiful, branded inserts for changeable conference rooms, cubicles or office doors using SIM™— with as few as four clicks. 

GNU Group offers evolving businesses SIM™, a proprietary cloud-based, custom solution for cubicle sign inserts. It produces branded, professional-looking office cubicle signs that are quick and easy to print out. To learn how SIM™ can help you update signage to match the pace of your changing business, connect with our team.