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Choosing Cubicle Name Plate Holders Is Tough—Here’s How to Reduce Anxiety

Published on: October 10, 2019

You probably won’t realize you have a problem with your cubicle name plates until you do the math and find out how expensive it is to replace them. The average turnover rate across industries is about 18%, so it’s safe to assume you’ll be replacing an equal amount of name plates every year. On top of that, you’ll also have to contend with shifting environments, as employee titles, locations, and workspaces change. Having a plan in place for how you’re going to manage all those name plate updates is crucial to avoid unexpected expenses. 

Cubicle name plate holders are a common solution as you can swap out the insert relatively quickly. However, these holders aren’t perfect. Without some customization, you’ll likely be stuck with a generic look that doesn’t match your corporate brand

Your choices, then, are either to customize your cubicle name plate holders, which can be pricey, or customize your inserts, which creates challenges for staff. However, with the right supportive software, it’s possible to create easily changeable name plates while still controlling costs. 

Considerations When Choosing Cubicle Name Plate Holders 

Typically, when you’re choosing a name plate holder, you’re going to consider off-the-rack options first. These are the most cost-effective and can be purchased in bulk for even greater savings. When considering these options, you’ll want to look for cubicle name plate holders that offer:


It’s not unusual for employees to change spaces, make lateral moves, join a new team, or even switch between working from one area to another on a regular basis—and their name plate needs to go with them. Options for cubicle name plate holders are no longer limited to static plates that screw or nail into walls. 

Some come with Velcro on the back, which are perfect for sticking to felt cubicle partitions. Other “over the cube” designs allow you to simply slip your mounts over the top of the cubicle. The best cubicle name plate holders allow you to just remove the insert and switch it to a new one. 


It is possible to order custom name plate holders in line with your interior office branding, but this creates an issue with availability. Creating new name plate holders based on company specifications will take time, which will cause a delay in getting them for staff. Choosing a mass-produced option is a better way to ensure you’ll be able to get more cubicle name plate holders as needed. 

Standard Dimensions

Unless you’ve selected a completely customized option, you are going to have to create name inserts to go inside of your cubicle name plate holder. That means you’re going to have to use a template. Selecting name plates with standard dimensions, which are typically 8.5” wide and 2.5” high, will make it much easier to find a template and update it as needed. 

You really need to think of the cubicle name plate holder as the frame of your sign. Sure, you’ll want one that’s aesthetically-pleasing but most of your branding and customization isn’t going to come from it. Instead, it’s going to come from how you manage your inserts. 

Differentiating Cubicle Name Plates with Customized Inserts 

The potential of sign inserts is often overlooked, and this is a shame as it’s where you can really get creative and show your corporate branding. Instead of simply using plain white card stock paper, you can use patterned or textured paper that matches your office space or leverages your brand’s color pallet. You can get artistic with the writing and font choices by choosing unique colors or interesting fonts to match your brand. As you can print out as many inserts as you want, this customization is cost-effective—far more cost-effective than customizing your cubicle name plate holders. 

The reason most office managers don’t take advantage of all the options with paper inserts is the learning curve. Typically, you are stuck using a standard Word document based on pre-set dimensions. If any changes are made to the type, size, or kerning of the font, it’s likely that the content will run off the page. So the person who manages this program is often limited to using standard Times New Roman or Arial fonts while spending hours and wasting paper printing out inserts over and over again until it is right.

A wiser option is to buy customized cubicle insert creation software. This solution can create a template based on your specific holder dimensions, while also including options like logos, unique fonts, and various colors. It allows you to use specialized stock, including paper preprinted with patterns and perforations for easy cutting. Using software to customize your inserts for cubicle name plate holders will take all the guesswork out of creating inserts while ensuring a unique design.  

With a customizable program for your cubicle name plate inserts, like Sign Insert Manager™, your options for your cubicle signs are virtually limitless, while your overall program is cost-effective. 

GNU Group offers the best option for customization of inserts for cubicle name plate holders by providing our unique Sign Insert Manager program. Our cloud-based software is accessible from anywhere, so even as your business expands you can create more name plates to match its growth. For more information, connect with our team.