monument signs pricing for major retail centers

Does the Monument Sign Pricing You’re Quoted Include Everything You Need?

Published on: November 21, 2019

One big mistake many people who start looking into monument sign pricing make is seeking out a quote before having a complete understanding of their options. Pricing can go anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000, though people tend to spend the most when they are not aware that monument signs have both direct and indirect costs. 

Just taking a quick quote from a fabricator isn’t going to get you an accurate picture of monument sign pricing. All a fabricator does is make the sign. They don’t always obtain the permits, install the components, or provide maintenance. If you need to design outdoor monument signage, that’s going to be an extra charge and possibly a service they can’t provide. 

Designing, fabricating, and installing architectural signage is a big endeavor. To manage it, you need to work with an expert firm that takes a collaborative approach and gives you all the options and costs upfront. 

Common Monument Sign Pricing Traps 

Monument signs hold the critical task of marking the gateway to your property, acting as the main landmark to help visitors identify your business—and you can’t afford to get it wrong. Without a clear understanding of what you need and the associated costs upfront, you’re going to make other mistakes that will snowball into skyrocketing expenses. Some include:

Your monument signage isn’t just a place marker, it’s a placemaker. When correctly executed, it can be an eye-catching amenity that makes your business memorable. The key to creating such signage is to collaborate with the right signage design partners.  

How to Get Superior Monument Signage Within Budget

An excellent example of high-impact monument signage design comes from One CA, where a placemaking sign became a local tourist attraction for visitors to the downtown San Francisco area. In this case, project leaders collaborated closely with an expert signage design firm to develop a sculptural object that made the building unmistakable. And it all started with a comprehensive analysis of the site to provide a detailed monument sign pricing quote that included all the variables for both the short and long term. 

This comprehensive needs assessment, called Sign Profile Analysis™, was a proprietary process developed by GNU Group. As a result, all the details of the project were already in place for ONE CA, providing a clear understanding of both short and long-term costs—from design to fabrication to permits and installation to maintenance. As a result, One CA created a nationally-recognized visual presence while controlling costs and simplifying maintenance for the long-term. 

GNU Group gives you a comprehensive understanding of monument sign pricing which will include design, fabrication, installation and long term maintenance. Our proprietary Sign Profile Analysis helps you clearly understand and budget for your signage. For more information, connect with our team.