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How to Make Office And Cubicle Sign Inserts Online And Get Superior Results

Published on: October 31, 2019

Replacing cubicle and office sign inserts should be easy. Your entire office uses the same template, with the same fonts, sizing, formatting, and branding elements. All of the sign holders themselves are the same size. Why, then, is it so hard to print perfect, standardized sign inserts when you need them? 

For one thing, most companies house their sign insert template in Microsoft Word—a program that’s not currently known for its design functionality. There are about a million ways to mess up a sign template in Word. Making necessary adjustments to font size, for example, can end up with ten print jobs wasted due to sub-par results. Very few staff members have the time to mess with such a menial, tedious task, so new sign inserts often get put off for weeks until someone finally sits down to troubleshoot the printing and cutting process. 

Thankfully, there is a better way. Sign insert creation software has advanced far beyond the capabilities of Microsoft Word and offers a foolproof and fast way to create signs on demand. Plus, it’s entirely cloud-based. Once you learn how to make office sign inserts online, you’ll never go back.

The Benefits of Using Online Software to Print Sign Inserts

One problem with outdated Microsoft and Avery sign templates is the huge margin of error. You could spend an hour configuring all the template settings for the precise size, color, font, and text formatting you need, and the next person who inherits the task could accidentally break these formatting elements in two seconds flat. 

When you use a custom sign creation software, the entire application is configured for your specs, and your specs only. Everything from the size of your font to the size of your paper is locked into the program and cannot be easily messed with. No more time-eating mistakes, and no more tedious reprints. 

Specialized software also makes branding your office environment much easier. Unlike Microsoft Word, which balks at the very mention of a custom font, the right tool can be set up with your branding elements from the start. Each printed sign will look identical and blend beautifully with your existing visual brand. 

Scalability is another benefit that makes online cubicle and office sign insert software a no-brainer. Whether your company takes up one standalone office or 14 corporate complexes worldwide, you can use the same cloud-based tools to implement consistent formatting across all of your properties—and print inserts for each of those 5,000 cubicles in record time. 

How to Make Office and Cubicle Signs Online Using The Best Software

Good sign insert creation software is designed with simplicity as a top priority. Its aim is to eliminate the need for users to adjust margins, custom crop, or fiddle with font sizes every time they need to print a new sign. As soon as you get set up with custom sign insert creation software, like Sign Insert Manager™, the steps to creating a one are straightforward and easy for anyone to follow: 

1. Select your sign type. If your company prints sign inserts for both cubicle and conference room signs, just select the sign type you need to print. 

2. Enter the new details. Type in the text you want featured on this sign. Usually, that’s a new hire’s name and job title. 

3. Preview the finished sign. Look over a print-preview version of the sign to make sure it looks perfect. 

4. Click print. Feed your printer with the pre-perforated, high-quality sign insert paper that comes with your software, and click to print your PDF.

5. Install. Quickly detach the pre-perforated margins and slide the sign insert into its holder.

High-quality sign insert software helps you complete these steps in under three minutes. With a process this efficient, you could prep personalized cubicle signs for new hires on the first day they walk into the office. 

Taking Sign Inserts to the Next Level

When online sign creation software brings such impressive benefits, it’s amazing that many companies still rely on outdated methods. In truth, few companies think about their signage needs at all. Optimizing the sign insert process is often the first step companies take toward improving their signage assets altogether. 

Corporations have much to gain from updating and improving their environmental signage programs across the board—not just in the cubicles. From exterior monument signs to vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding to regulatory signs, each element of a well-designed signage program helps communicate your brand and create a truly unique environment for staff and visitors to your property. 

Here at GNU Group, we often implement our proprietary Sign Insert Manager™ software as part of a more comprehensive signage program. We design and implement signage elements that are completely custom to our clients’ needs. After implementation, we follow through with customizing our sign insert creation software to make updating those new signs quick and easy. Having a professional service backing your online software has its perks—we even spec and select paper stock that’s pre-perforated to fit the exact sizes you need, regardless of whether your sign holders are custom or off-the-shelf. 

Learning how to make sign inserts online with foolproof, fully-customized cloud-based software will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your company. But if you’re looking to take your signage game to the next level, consider investing in an updated wayfinding and environmental branding program. You’ll find the results are even more impactful. 

GNU Group designed the revolutionary Sign Insert Manager™ program to teach people how easy it is to make office and cubicle sign inserts online and get instantly better results. Connect with our team to get your company access to SIM™ and to learn more about how our other signage solutions can improve your environments one sign at a time.