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How Much Monument Signs Actually Cost—And Why You Can’t Ballpark It

Published on: October 24, 2019

A monument sign is an excellent choice when you want to denote your business’s physical location but it is also an essential part of your visual brand strategy. But you need to be careful when getting estimates for the project.  Many developers have been lured in by estimates or averages that are unrealistically low. And when the final bill arrives, there may not be any funds left to pay for it. 

So how much do monument signs actually cost? To get an accurate estimate, there are a number of variables that the signage design firm you select should consider. The best firms will understand your property’s needs and provide a range of options within a budget that makes sense for you. 

What Determines Monument Signs’ Cost?

When your business starts seeing more brand recognition, traffic, and your property’s visitors no longer complain of getting lost, you’ll know your monument sign was worth the price. But how do you balance the benefits with your budget? You need to start by understanding the variety of factors that can influence monument sign pricing. 

The best way to account for all of these variables and get a monument sign’s actual cost is to consult with an expert signage design firm. When you have all of the possibilities laid out, with both a high and a low estimate,  you can make choices that are within budget and represent your company well. Here’s just a couple of examples: 

Fallon Gateway

monument signs cost

When Fallon Gateway, a mall with both big box and in-line retailers in Dublin, CA needed a  monument sign, visibility was a major consideration for landing tenants. To understand how to best approach the project of designing and installing a 99-foot monument sign featuring Target’s logo as well as all the other tenants, they started with a professional consultation. The expertise of the design consultant as well as the documentation helped them easily secure municipal and FAA variance approvals. Now, the mall is filled with tenants and readily draws traffic from nearby highways. 


monument signs cost

Lucid, a luxury electric car company, needed a monument sign and was initially drawn to a lower-cost temporary option. But after consulting with GNU Group, they understood that a more stylish powder-coated aluminum sign that could be moved was well within their budget. Their company brand is now proudly displayed with unique architectural signage that is both low-maintenance and eye-catching. 

Get Better Results With Accurate Cost Estimates

Your building needs a monument sign. And, you’re going to need accurate sign pricing. But only one signage design firm offers the information that you need before the project begins. 

Our monument sign pricing quotes take all the factors into account to give you two estimates: one high and one low. This allows you to select a solution that makes sense for your budget and tells you what your total costs will be upfront so you don’t run into surprises later. And, we’ll deliver a branded monument sign that meets all your requirements perfectly. 

Make more informed design decisions and control project costs. Design, permit management, overseeing fabrication and installation. No matter what you need, GNU Group does it all. That’s total end-to-end project management—all for one clear price.

GNU Group is a leading signage design firm with over 30 years’ experience delivering top-notch design and project management to help clients achieve branded monument signs within budget. To learn more about how we can help your property achieve the best signage results, connect with our team today.