Urban Wayfinding Develops a Sense of Place

The Impact of Urban Wayfinding Signage on Booming California Communities

Published on: April 23, 2019

Dense urban communities are booming across California—especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, where tech influence drives economic and residential development to astronomical heights. Because newer urban centers may lack the rich history of San Jose or San Francisco, your municipality needs to develop a sense of identity in other ways. Your growing community needs a brand. This can establish a sense of place that feels organic, unique, and deeply-ingrained, even as extended transit systems bring thousands of newcomers to the area.

Branded urban wayfinding signage is one of the best ways to establish a community as a one-of-a-kind destination. A successful wayfinding program sends a subtle but clear message through identification, gateway, and directional signage elements that integrate seamlessly with the existing built environment. By implementing a well-designed branded wayfinding program, you can help your community build take its rightful place among all the other booming California communities.  

Defining a Successful Urban Wayfinding Signage Program

Wayfinding is an art that begins with data. An expert wayfinding design firm will craft a comprehensive wayfinding strategy based on stakeholder concerns, cues from the built environment, pedestrian and vehicular traffic patterns, and existing visual elements to inform programmatic decisions. You’ll also have the opportunity to establish visual branding guidelines that convey your community’s unique sense of place. The conclusion of this process is an urban wayfinding signage program that:

Urban Wayfinding Solutions in Downtown Davis

Directional signage at UC Davis ensures easy navigation around campus.

These effects can be observed in the downtown Davis area, where a new wayfinding program helps residents, visitors, and students travel between meaningful locations in and around the University of California at Davis. Clear signage directs pedestrian and vehicular traffic to parking structures, campus buildings, and city locations. More importantly, the graphic design of this program includes visual branding elements that are both bold and sophisticated—creating an organized feel that’s perfect for the lively academic setting of downtown Davis.

The Transit-Oriented Development Opportunity

Urban wayfinding signage is particularly important in the new transit-oriented development communities that are now common in the Bay Area. With new government policies paving the way for growth around BART and Caltrain stations, we’re seeing a significant rise in mixed-use development at these crucial locations. These more clearly-defined or sometimes newly-formed districts within existing communities need clear identification, direction, and branding in order to stand out from the surrounding suburbs.   

The wayfinding strategy in downtown San Leandro is a perfect example of a transit-oriented development project done well. Newly-installed signage helps direct vehicles from I-580 and I-880 through the downtown corridor, toward public transit stations and parking structures. Pedestrians also meet helpful directional information at key decision points. The entire program, featuring ornate filigree design elements, enhances gateway opportunities, brings attention and economic activity to the businesses of downtown San Leandro, and helps reflect the area’s unique historical roots through subtle but effective visual branding.   

One of the toughest challenges of developing an effective urban wayfinding program, like the one in San Leandro, is gaining approval from all entities involved in a project. Municipalities, agencies, and businesses have interests that often collide—or that conflict with the extensive accessibility and visibility regulations of your area. The right firm will be able to consolidate all regulatory and stakeholder concerns into one streamlined communications strategy.

Investing in an Effective Urban Wayfinding Signage Program

Whether you’re looking to implement a new wayfinding program to revitalize an older city center or to establish a new one, you need to be sure you’re investing in a program—and a professional partnership—that will meet your expectations. Expert strategy and beautiful graphic design are only two of the skill sets you need to look for. You also need a partner who will help you comply with regulatory guidelines, reduce costs, and strategize for long-term scalability.   For a seamless wayfinding design project, you need a signage design consultant who can provide turnkey services for designing, implementing, and managing your program from start to finish. With an expert signage design firm right here at your fingertips, isn’t it time to secure sustainable urban wayfinding solutions to transform your urban area into a rich center of culture, economy, and identity?

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