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Not All Corporate Signage Design Companies Are the Same—Here’s Why

Published on: October 3, 2019

The first mistake most people make when addressing corporate signage design is thinking of it as only a series of products. The signage design companies you reach out to may offer an array of wayfinding, corporate branding, and regulatory signs, but they’ll be most focused on selling you the signs themselves, and less caring about where those signs go when you get them. This puts the onus on you to be the project manager in any corporate signage design project, and that’s not a simple task. 

However, some corporate signage design firms will take an all-in-one approach to environmental branding. These firms can help create a signage program that takes into account budgetary needs, future company growth, and human-centric design to establish a program that helps your organization better approach sign management. Expert corporate signage design firms are particularly important for companies who want to maintain their brand while also building in flexibility for future growth.  

​Treating Corporate Signage Design as a Service 

corporate signage design

Outsourcing the entire corporate signage design project works because it creates a blueprint for your company’s signage program that can be used in perpetuity. It can also resolve any potential issues with your current sign program so they won’t snowball and become insurmountable. 

This was a challenge Lyft faced when they rapidly expanded from start-up to a publicly-traded company. The company had a complex workspace at its corporate headquarters that spanned the equivalent of three football fields, which made it a challenge for corporate branding. In addition, the building had multiple entry points, which created ineffective wayfinding for visitors. Finally, as Lyft was in the midst of a rapid growth phase, company leadership required a design that would not become excessively expensive with the addition of new offices and locations. 

In selecting their corporate signage design partner, Lyft looked for a company that treated this as a service. They sought out a company that offered proven, effective processes for managing sign programs from beginning to end. One of the most critical was a Sign Profile AnalysisTM process that allowed them to understand their current signage and improve upon it cost-effectively.  

The Process for Creating Scalable Corporate Signage 

corporate signage design

Before initiating signage program updates, Lyft had a comprehensive Sign Profile AnalysisTM with a specific focus on wayfinding completed for their headquarters. In this, an expert signage design firm came in and reviewed the current signage layout, inventories of existing signs, and traffic flow throughout the building. Then, the firm discussed the goals with Lyft’s leadership and created an initial signage location plan as well as high and low budgets for their approval. 

One of the major focuses of the Lyft program was cost control and continuity for the fresh architectural signage. The company was seeing such rapid growth, it was impossible to predict how many future offices they may need to design. The firm centered their strategy on a kit-of-parts style design to address this. The strategy allowed Lyft to mix and match certain signage to update their brand as needed, while also ensuring future signage is easy to source and scale. The design firm also oversaw fabrication and installation of the signs to ensure the entire project was handled correctly from the beginning to end. 

Today, Lyft’s headquarters has a comprehensive corporate signage design program that can easily be rolled out to any other locations they open in the future. The program’s flexibility took them from startup to corporation, while allowing them to maintain their young, fresh branding that highlights their innovative roots. By working with a signage design firm that was able to understand their visions and use proprietary processes to improve on it, Lyft gained a turnkey solution to corporate signage that will work for years to come. 

GNU Group has developed a proprietary Sign Profile AnalysisTM program that saves our clients anywhere from 10 to 20% off total signage costs and allows them to better allocate their resources to company-specific tasks, rather than signage design. To see how our processes can save your company both time and money, connect with our team.