Rebranding Best Practices

Rebranding Best Practices For Strategic Growth: The Top Eight Do’s and Don’ts

Published on: May 7, 2019

Especially when opening new offices quickly, architectural signage is one of the main details that fall by the wayside during rebranding efforts.

Developing a holistic corporate identity that includes cohesive branding inside all your offices, however, is critical to keeping your company story top-of-mind—even when it feels like your company is growing faster than you can keep up. Here are some of the top do’s and don’ts you need to consider as you start your journey toward implementing rebranding best practices.

Rebranding Best Practices to Support Strategic Growth

Swift company growth certainly poses some challenges but it also opens rebranding opportunities. For instance, when LinkedIn experienced exponential growth, each new office hastily developed their own branded office design solutions. As a result, they ended up with disconnected signage and, over time, incoherent internal brand messaging.  However, a comprehensive environmental branding program created a cohesive experience across their rapidly expanding workspaces.

A few of the best practices that LinkedIn followed, in partnership with a top design firm, during that project can also work for your business.

The biggest “do” in rebranding best practices is planning. You must take a critical look at all your current resources and the message you hope to convey with them. In addition, you should consider how those needs may change in the future, especially if your company’s rapid growth continues. Just like with any other business goal, you need short-term and long-term objectives and strategies to reach them. Only then can you understand the scope of your brand’s update and how to manage it effectively.

Mistakes to Avoid When Rebranding During Growth Periods

Best Practices for Rebranding

When your company is growing fast, you may be tempted to “reinvent the wheel” as your brand evolves, but this can lead to skyrocketing expenses. Here are some common errors to avoid when undertaking a rebranding effort.

When establishing rebranding best practices for swift growth, it’s wise to bring on an outside consultant with specific experience. You want to avoid focusing too heavily on the lowest price firms, as the low up-front costs can spell much larger costs later on due to scope creep. Instead, choose a firm that’s willing to become a strategic partner in your rebranding plan.

GNU Group guides you through rebranding best practices and creates a set of standards you can follow to ensure you effectively share your company’s brand message. Whether you’re dealing with a major brand overhaul or rapid expansion, our rebranding programs are people-centric, cost-effective, and easy to implement across multiple locations. For more information on our process, connect with our team.