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The Problem With Typical Cubicle Sign Holders—And How to Solve Them

Published on: November 19, 2019

You never know why you might need a new cubicle sign at a moment’s notice. A small meeting could be moved from one cubicle area to another. An area might be closed for office remodeling. And spur-of-the-moment personnel changes are impossible to predict. In the rush of all the changes, you may have even responded to cubicle repurposing with a magic marker and a post-it note. 

If your company doesn’t have a robust solution for updating cubicle sign holder inserts, or if your current solution just isn’t holding up, you’re wasting time and money. That’s why you’re cubicle sign insert system needs to be an efficient, turnkey program. 

Typical Cubicle Sign Holder Solutions Are Inconvenient and Unprofessional

We hardly ever think about the importance of cubicle signs—until we need to change them. Without a reliable solution for updating cubicle signage at a moment’s notice, it may be difficult for staff or customers to find their way around. If you let the problem go long enough, you could end up with inconsistent signage that gives your office interior branding a sloppy, unprofessional look. Not to mention, an unkempt office is demoralizing, lowering employees’ sense of pride in their work environment—and in their job overall.

Typical cubicle sign holder insert solutions are rife with problems. Here’s the root of the problem: 

1. Templates are not foolproof. 

Most processes for creating cubicle sign inserts leave much to be desired in terms of precision and accuracy. If you’re currently using Microsoft Word, you may have trouble trying to format your insert to fit your sign insert holder precisely. Making small formatting changes, such as adjusting a margin or adding certain characters, can make the printed result look slightly “off” or poorly-formatted for the sign holder. 

If multiple people in your office use the template to print inserts, over time the printed result may slowly change until it cannot fit neatly the holder at all anymore. And the more employees you have using the outdated Word program, the worse your environmental branding problem becomes.

2. Resources are wasted. 

Reducing waste is becoming a top concern among major companies. When cubicle sign insert creation is not templatized to fit your sign holders exactly every time, users may make several attempts to print an insert that works. A lot of incorrect versions of the insert end up in the trash. It also wastes time, as it may take several attempts to print out one that is error-free as well. 

3. Results are unattractive. 

Inferior cubicle sign holder insert creation processes produce results that give your office a poor ambiance. You end up with inconsistent results compared to existing cubicle signs that were produced weeks or even months earlier. The difference becomes obvious when you look at a row of cubicle signs that all match— except for the one sign that doesn’t. This is especially common when the inserts work only with standard office paper or plain card stock

4. Branding opportunities are missed.  

Typical sign holder inserts ignore the valuable branding opportunity cubicle signage presents. Having cubicle signs that match all throughout your office space creates a sense of place and a uniform experience. Why? Because cubicle signs are one of the first and most obvious places employees and visitors will look when they step into your offices, making them the perfect place to create a good impression of your brand identity.

Wouldn’t it be better to use a cubicle sign insert creation method that cannot be adjusted by hurried employees and is designed to fit correctly every time, without wasted time or resources? It would be even better if you could choose a wide range of materials to print on, from parchment to high-gloss paper, and branded fonts, colors or images for professional and neat visual branding results.

A Better Process for Updating Cubicle Sign Holder Inserts

To ensure you receive all these benefits, choose a comprehensive solution like Sign Insert Manager™ (SIM). SIM is the leading custom sign insert solution that can put an end to your cubicle signage problems. It can be customized to fit any type of sign holders you currently have installed or custom holders that you select. It’s cloud-based and easy-to-use, so your cubicle sign administrator won’t need a background in printing or graphics to get professional-looking results. And, SIM can help you print cubicle sign inserts that are based on your unique brand guidelines. 

With SIM, it doesn’t matter what personnel or location changes come up because you’ll always be prepared and look professional. You can produce a professional-looking cubicle sign every single time.

At GNU Group, we can customize a cloud-based SIM solution that not only enables you to update signage at a moment’s notice but that also saves your company money and time. To learn how you can print your own professional-looking cubicle signs in-house and on-demand, connect with our team.