Outdoor donor recognition walls express thanks and gratitude

These Impactful Outdoor Donor Recognition Walls Draw Attention—And Funding

Published on: February 6, 2020

Your donors are the people who make your organization’s dreams come true by offering the financial backing needed for project growth. Thanking them should be a joyful act that reflects the generous spirit in which donations were made. And, because their donations allow your organization to make lasting progress, your thanks should be lasting, too.

Outdoor donor recognition walls are a permanent way of thanking donors with a monument that can be admired in perpetuity. These artistic features beautify any campus or building exterior, reminding the community of a donor’s generosity—and of your gratitude. Plus, they draw attention, giving other donors an added incentive to also give to your organization.

3 Most Effective Outdoor Donor Recognition Walls

The best outdoor donor recognition walls are thoughtfully designed to capture the imagination, building curiosity—and engagement—to boost your donor pool now and well into the future. They increase the visibility of your donor programs and get people talking. To be fully effective, an outdoor donor recognition wall needs to achieve three main goals: fit with the natural environment, increase your organizational visibility, and hold potential for expansion. Here are three outdoor recognition walls designed to do just that.

A natural fit for your organizational brand

A well-designed outdoor donor recognition wall enhances your campus’ sense of place by setting your brand right out front. It can communicate your organization’s values through colors, shapes, and motifs that resonate with the landscape as well. By doing so, it holds the potential to reach a broader audience than any other type of donor recognition display.

Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital installed such outdoor donor recognition wall, using a nature-inspired design scheme. Founded on the idea that everyone deserves medical care, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or circumstances, the hospital needed signage that helped convey their values. The signs that were created are easily accessible and may be easily understood by readers.

Outdoor donor recognition walls can honor a single donor, or several

Natural materials and finishes were used, giving the outdoor displays the same look and feel like the environment they were placed in. Sequoia tree iconography marks walkway signs in keeping with the hospital’s name. Brown was the chosen color for many signs, tying them in with the sequoia tree theme while grounding spaces with a calming neutral color.

Today, the hospital honors its donors with features that contribute to the campus’ relaxed, welcoming vibe that resonates with their particular healthcare values. This helps all passersby—and potential future donors—feel a connection to the work that charitable funding enables the hospital to do.

Be seen—and recognized

When you place an outdoor donor recognition wall in a visible spot on your campus, you can reach more people than simply those who enter your building. Outdoor donor recognition walls make people curious about your organization’s purpose and values, which helps increase your potential pool of donors. A striking display might catch the attention of a potential donor, making them dream of seeing their name honored on a wall, too.

Guests and passerby can be inspired by outdoor donor recognition walls

When the Redwood Day School raised $4.25 million for their Here We Grow campaign, they wanted to thank their notable donors for their help in furthering the school’s STEAM curriculum with an outdoor donor recognition wall. They developed a comprehensive program that included an outdoor donor recognition wall and bench plaques. Now, wherever people go on campus, they are likely to see the unique outdoor displays of thanks than if it had been placed indoors. As an added benefit to choosing outdoor displays, the school reaches a broader pool of potential donors to add to their legacy.

Plan for expansion

If you have indoor donor walls or plaques, you may want to retain them while expanding your donor recognition program by bringing it outdoors. This is a great way to retain all of your existing indoor recognition features while enhancing outdoor visibility, which can generate buzz and get pedestrian attention. And by using common branding themes, your indoor donor recognition signage and outdoor displays will match, giving them a sense of continuity.

Public spaces with lots of foot traffic are ideal for outdoor donor recognition walls or plaques

St. Ignatius College Prep took this approach to create an effective donor recognition program. By working with a leading signage consultancy firm, they implemented donor recognition displays within their buildings and around their outdoor campus. By placing cohesively-branded displays both indoors and outside, visitors have a unified experience of the school’s brand and values everywhere they go. Wherever visitors walk, they just might run into a sign of the school’s donor appreciation, incentivizing them to reach generously for their checkbooks.

Honor Donors in Style and Inspire Others to Give

Recognizing donors is more than just posting names on a wall. It’s an opportunity to show your heartfelt gratitude while inspiring others to give. And while distinctive indoor recognition signage is a wonderful way to show thanks, outdoor donor recognition walls are more visible and can motivate other donors to contribute to your organization. Because they’re permanent, outdoor donor recognition walls can help you raise donations over time, helping you to start securing the financial future of your organization today. So skip the thank you cards and tote bags. Give lasting thanks and you’ll receive donor support that lasts.

GNU Group is a leading donor recognition signage consultancy firm that provides branded outdoor donor recognition walls to honor donors in style while adding an artistic touch to the landscape. If you’re looking for a recognition wall that will reflect your organization and resonate with potential donors for years to come, connect with our team today.