The value of consistent office branding should not be overlooked.

The Value of Consistent Office Branding: Guidelines for Multi-Location Corporations

Published on: April 25, 2019

The idea of introducing consistent branding standards in all your locations may feel overwhelming. You may be concerned that an all-encompassing program may not be cost effective, or even achievable, due to corporate size. Getting buy-in from numerous stakeholders across multiple locations can also be challenging—and increase project costs. You may even wonder if focusing too much on corporate branding will make the company feel impersonal and stifle creativity among employees.

Despite these reservations, the value of consistent branding across all your company’s locations cannot be understated. It can help to connect disparate locations, enhance the visitor experience, and even boost employee engagement.

Your company has undoubtedly spent a lot of time and funds to develop your external brand identity. Bringing it into every office creates yet another touchpoint for visitors and employees alike. And, with the right support, it doesn’t have to pose the stumbling blocks that you fear.

The Value of Consistent Branding: Trust, Unity, and Engagement

The point of developing a brand identity in the first place is to gain recognition by differentiating your company’s products or services, but it can go much further. Consistency of brand messaging and visuals, both externally and internally among offices, provides the opportunity to shape the perception of your company across all touchpoints.

Brand consistency offers key messages, evokes positive emotions, and builds trust and loyalty. Environmental branding, in particular, can both add an emotional dynamic to your offices and provide the following functional benefits:

By implementing cohesive signage with the colors, shapes, sizes, graphic vocabulary and even language, used in their external marketing, Kaiser was able to leverage the brand trust that they had built. Now, patients who visit any of Kaiser’s multiple locations are immersed in familiar branding that they have confidence in.

Branded wayfinding signage and visuals, however, provides visitors with a unified set of directions so they are more capable of getting to their destination. As a result, they have a positive experience in your built environment, making them more likely to do business with you in the future.

Consistent office branding enables higher workplace engagement.

GNU Group designed lobby signage to complement the lobby design and enhance the visitor experience.

Corporate branding isn’t about increasing the number of logos everyone sees, outside and inside your company’s offices. It’s about creating an atmosphere that feels familiar, whether somebody is at the corporate headquarters in Southern California or a smaller satellite office in New Mexico. It builds a standard for your office design that everyone can recognize, and feel, instantly.

Of course, while you may be convinced of the value of consistent office branding, getting stakeholders on board with it may seem more of a challenge.

Implementing Consistent Branding Across Offices Without Hassle

When trying to communicate the need for developing a consistent brand identity to other stakeholders, you may come up against a few barriers. However, you can overcome these barriers by turning their focus to an elegant solution: sign standards.

After your company has an already established external branding program, adding environmental branding across locations is as simple as following the blueprint. Sign standards create this blueprint by providing a set of protocols for signage and environmental graphic design, both in appearance and placement. This establishes a cohesive aesthetic for every office and location.

Implementing sign standards is a cost-effective solution. By eliminating the need to plan out each location individually, you cut the time—and cost—of designing new concepts. With a scalable design blueprint, you eliminate the scope creep. Standardization breeds predictability, so you’re always able to keep your image consistent for all stakeholders, both now and well into your company’s future.

An expertly designed environmental graphics program can create brand consistency, establish long-term cost efficiency, and minimize your team’s workload. And, an experienced design firm can help your stakeholders understand the value of consistent branding across all your offices, turning it all into a turnkey process. So, managing creeping project costs and stakeholder communications can be one less item on your already-busy ‘to-do’ list.

GNU Group provides education, training, and project management to help establish environmental branding with sign standards. Our designs can translate to any of your sites, to ensure your message remains consistent and your company reaps the benefits of a cohesive branding program. For more information on our process, connect with our team.