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Why Expert Environmental Branding Design Matters More Than Ever

Published on: September 3, 2019

What do you believe makes the biggest difference to the success of a workplace environment? Is it the level of social interaction your employees enjoy? Is it the amount of natural light, or the level of background noise? According to over 2,000 surveyed workers, workplace design affects their happiness more than all of these factors combined.

Employee engagement is the most valuable asset any company can possess. The difference in revenue growth between an engaged and a disengaged workforce is staggering. Whether you’re running a healthcare enterprise or a tech startup, you’re no doubt focused on initiatives to improve corporate culture, the office environment, and benefits across the board in the hopes of securing higher engagement rates. 

But, environmental branding design is the cornerstone that brings your corporate culture to life in the workplace. In a world where employee engagement is the top priority, environmental branding matters more than ever before. 

The Power of Environmental Branding Design 

Workplace design isn’t just about having an innovative floor plan or high-end finishes that come with your building. It’s about the decor of the space—the supergraphics on the walls, the architectural signage in the lobby, and even the design of the cubicle signs. Each of these touchpoints sends a branded message to your employees and establishes a clear sense of place in your work environment. 

Revamping your office space doesn’t have to include a full-scale architectural remodel. With strategic environmental branding design, you can improve your workplace environment in a way that’s both cost-effective and impactful. 

Over nearly three decades in the environmental design business, we’ve seen creative office branding make a phenomenal difference in the culture of hundreds of companies. If you’re looking for inspiring ways to implement fresh environmental branding in your own space, look to the following examples: 


environmental branding design for Cisco

Cisco’s acquisition of OpenDNS necessitated an extension of their office branding into a new San Francisco building. The company already owned and operated within one half of the downtown location. They utilized custom corporate signage to build out a consistent and continuous branded atmosphere in the newly-acquired second half of the building, carrying over the unique room naming conventions and bold orange color scheme. These signage choices brought the character of Cisco’s online systems into the offline world and created a fully immersive office experience for employees. 


environmental branding design for Atlassian

Atlassian holds a unique vision for their office environments: each location is designed to be branded with heavy influences from the local culture. Their Austin, TX location, therefore, took inspiration from the self-proclaimed “weird” culture of the city. T-shirt walls, marquee signs, and creative conference room names helped bring the space to life—along with an innovative sculptural timeline graphic that continually rotates to display a full image of the Austin skyline. With unique graphics and signage, Atlassian created an office environment that celebrates the best of the Texas capital and gives employees a quirky and fun place to work.


environmental branding design for Broadcom

When Broadcom acquired a new four-building campus in San Jose, they were met with a fairly standard office environment. Through environmental branding design, the company wanted to take an exciting departure from the grey floors and grey walls of standard corporate America. They implemented sweeping supergraphics to add color, pattern, and excitement to the workspace. The graphics infused the rooms and hallways with new life and helped set the Broadcom offices apart. Employees have an exciting and aesthetically-pleasing place to work, which leads them to enjoy coming to work in general. 

What to Expect With a New Environmental Branding Project

Employee engagement doesn’t change overnight—and neither does an entire office environment. But getting a new corporate atmosphere in place is still a relatively quick and easy process in comparison. If you work with the right signage consultant, within a few months you could be coming to work in an environment that’s cohesively branded and far more inspiring. 

With most environmental branding companies, the process begins with a thorough assessment of your office space to identify signage needs and graphic opportunities. During the design phase, you’ll be able to specify the types of materials you prefer to be used and establish what percentage of the project will be fully custom to your company. 

At this point, most firms hand the drawings over to a manufacturer to create the signs and a contractor to install them. However, some will actually manage all of these services for you under a single streamlined contract. Partnering with an end-to-end environmental branding firm like this keeps costs low and shortens the project timeline so you can quickly get to work in your new and improved space. 

Environmental signage may seem like a relatively small effort in the face of a major goal like improved employee engagement—but the results are far from negligible. By implementing high-quality and well-designed signage and graphics, you can create an environment that employees love to work in. That employee satisfaction improves productivity, increases retention rates, and influences revenue growth for years to come.

GNU Group is an end-to-end environmental branding design firm that creates signage and graphics for corporations in the Bay Area and across the United States. We’re passionate about creating environments that truly stand out and inspire employees to love coming to work. Connect with our team to get started on your own environmental branding project and see for yourself how powerful the work environment can be.