Take a dip into our SPA™

Published on: October 19, 2016

The Sign Profile Analysis™ (SPA™) parallels what the architectural community calls research or programming.

Our SPA™ is distinguished by the way it presents the findings. The evaluation and processing of the myriad of project details result in the SPA™ document. This document is comprised of the following components.

• Circulation Plans – depict paths of travel to all spaces in and around your project.

• Use Plans – identifies all major functions.

• Sign Location Analysis – shows locations of each sign type.

• Sign Hierarchy – identifies each sign type by a specific category:

• Branding features that communicate your organization’s identity

• Wayfinding signs orchestrate traffic from one destination to another

• Identification signs to help people understand the environment

• Regulatory signs to meet compliance requirements

• Sign Count / Preliminary Pricing – estimates for the cost to fabricate and install

The  SPA™ delivers a comprehensive document, presentation of findings and recommendations for discussion that includes a complete sign count, pricing of design and fabrication options, budget ranges of high/low for each sign type, wayfinding strategy, research of sign codes based on project jurisdiction and finally, any electrical, lighting, and landscape information you need to know to prevent add services at a later date.

Like a house or a car, the cost depends on the details. When we’re done with the SPA™, you will have everything you need to make informed decisions about what things will cost and how to allocate your signage budgets.

For more information, watch our video on the SPA™!