Workplace Safety Analysis™: A Roadmap to Assist with Your Return-to-Work Implementation

Published on: April 30, 2020

In these unprecedented times, many companies are faced with ensuring the health, safety, and productivity of their teams as they return to work from current shelter in place orders. New social distancing protocols will require adjustments to existing workplace environments as well as adjustments in individual employee habits and behaviors.

Signage is a critical component for any return to work plan, so we’ve been actively developing a service to assist clients with developing their return-to-work strategy. At a very high level, here are three high-level recommendations:

We address all of these components in our C19 Workplace Safety Analysis™, and it really is developed in partnership with any client as each built environment and company culture is unique. We’re in the process of working with several current clients, and we’ve created a overview that describes our approach. We’re available to walk through this approach with you via Zoom.

GNU Group is here to assist you with your return to work strategy, from inception through implementation. To learn more about our C19 Workplace Safety Analysis™ and how we can partner with you and adapt plans to your specific needs, download the overview or contact us to schedule a 1-hour overview via Zoom.