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At GNU Group, we specialize in designs that establish your company’s presence, add vibrancy to your environment, and reinforce your brand. We’re the signage design agency that can provide project management for turnkey service, from inception to implementation.

Whether you need environmental graphics, wayfinding signage, a donor recognition display, or other placemaking elements, our work shapes the experiences that connect people to a space. Our wayfinding designs direct people to their destinations using instantly recognizable symbols and visual queues with branded character. But our work is about more than just showing people how to get where they’re going. Our corporate branding services create a unique visual lexicon to convey your company’s personality, culture, and purpose in a way that resonates broadly.

Unlike other signage design and branding agencies, we focus on people first when blending both form and function in environmental graphic design. Whatever your message is, we can convey it with style and for a price that meets your budget. Whether you’re a California company, like us, or have locations across the nation, contact GNU Group today for your design needs.