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Architectural Signage

Increase visibility and amplify your brand through architectural signage.

There are firms that design signage, and then there are firms that design architectural signage. Architectural signage is a higher-quality product that uses premium materials to identify a commercial building and reflect the unique existing architecture of the property.

At GNU Group, architectural signage is at the core of our practice. We provide a full range of signage design solutions including exterior wayfinding, interior identification signs, and other opportunities for environmental branding throughout the built environment. Our signage programs amplify our clients’ brand messaging and complement the existing environment of their properties.



GNU Group creates powerful skyline signage that exceeds client expectations for visual impact. Our custom building signage programs not only meet code requirements—they also come with over four decades of experience in securing variances, navigating challenging skylines, and surpassing building-specific obstacles.



GNU Group’s attention-grabbing approach to monument signage creates a powerful synergy between the built environment and our own graphic enhancements. Our monument signage programs become prominent features of every property’s visual identity, ensuring that your exterior signage complements interior components.



Architecture signage has the potential to move beyond identification to placemaking. We’re passionate about designing signage that activate public spaces and amplify our clients’ brand messaging. This approach creates unique solutions for clients looking to make an even bigger statement with their architectural signage.