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Wayfinding Design

Enhance user experience and improve patient outcomes through wayfinding design.

At GNU Group, we are wayfinding strategists. We start by establishing key decision-making points throughout your property then creating a wayfinding strategy that suits the particular user experience and promotes efficiency. Our proprietary Total Wayfinding System ensures your wayfinding signage design is customized and scaleable for your specific location, and intended user experience.

Every wayfinding design program has the same goal: efficiently get people where they need to be. This isn’t just about signs and directions. It’s about creating a program that gives visitors an immediate sense of familiarity with a location, whether it’s the first time they’ve visited or the hundredth. GNU Group has accomplished this task for enterprises in a wide range of industries including:



The internal and external wayfinding program at Kaiser Permanente’s Oakland Campus is an integrated system that starts before patients even arrive at the facility. Appointment cards and reminder emails include the same directional graphics they’ll see when they arrive on campus. GNU Group developed consistently-branded wayfinding language that is comforting for patients and helps them feel welcome.



The Los Angeles International Airport and its Midfield Satellite Concourse North Project required 19 additional gates with wayfinding, as well as a linking underground walkway. GNU Group developed a wayfinding masterplan and construction documents for smooth project implementation. Our wayfinding signage design will help millions of travelers find their way to their gates on time, preventing delays and missed flights.



When LinkedIn went through a period of rapid expansion, GNU Group leveraged the proprietary Total Wayfinding System™ to create a comprehensive, branded wayfinding program across all their domestic and international locations. Now, whether a person is in San Francisco, Delhi, or Dublin, they can find their way through corporate offices with a sense of branded familiarity.