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Our Team

Our multidiscipline studio employs a creative staff of professionals and project managers who provide planning, design, and turn-key implementation for small and large real estate projects throughout the US and the world. Attracting, harnessing, and retaining the right talent is the key to our success. Each GNUs journey is as unique as our designs. It often starts with finding the right person and developing a specific position that aligns with their passions and purpose.

Kevin Wilhelm

SVP / Managing Principal

Dickson A. Keyser

Principal / Director of Design

Beth Taylor

Associate Principal

Debbie Akin

Senior Project Manager

Patrick Parnell

Senior Program Manager

Louise Rising

Project Manager

Mariah Holland

Project Manager

Margo Wagner

Assistant Project Manager

Howard Curtis

Senior Designer

Derick Lazaro

Senior Designer / Marketing Manager

Steve Uesugi

Senior Designer

Carson Smith

Senior Designer / Planner

Anthony Flick

Intermediate Designer

Michelle Montano

Intermediate Designer

Ethan Quezada

Intermediate Designer

Gregory NG

Junior Designer


Mascot / Party Planner