Sign Insert Manager™

Top Custom Solution for Sign Inserts for Changeable Office, Conference Room and Cubicle Signs

Sign inserts and holders are solutions for rapidly growing companies that need to incorporate new employees’ workspace efficiently or repurpose office space for expanding business needs. Paper sign inserts can be printed out and inserted in a holder made of a variety of materials to suit the office decor.

It sounds easy enough but, unfortunately, most programs that support sign inserts aren't very sophisticated and can be frustrating to use. If you’ve ever struggled to change out your sign inserts with a clunky, outdated Word template, you already know the challenges: misaligned text, lack of branding, and cheap-looking results.

That’s why we created Sign Insert Manager™ (SIM™)—a cloud-based solution that allows anyone in your offices to easily create a new standardized and branded sign insert that delivers design consistency. SIM™ works for all your sign types, from changeable conference room signs, office door signs, and even cubicle signs. Because the templates are custom designed, branded,standardized and include custom perforated paper, you can feel secure that the results will be compatible with the rest of your sign program. Our sophisticated sign insert software also incorporates your company’s brand identity, so you don't have to sacrifice style for efficiency when making new sign inserts.

Simply put, SIM™ is a next-level solution to an age-old problem.

The Problem with Most Sign Insert Programs

In the past, replacing office, conference room, and cubicle signs was a lengthy and often expensive process. Every time a new employee started or a current employee remarried with a name change, you had to reach out to a sign company and pay to have a new sign made. When the old conference room needed to transition into cubicle space during a high-growth period, again, you faced ordering from a sign company, paying too much, and waiting weeks for the product to arrive.

Meanwhile, during the prolonged periods of waiting for new signage, employees lacked a sense of place and belonging. This didn’t bode well for companies who wanted to grow strategically by retaining dedicated employees.

Sign holders, with permanent frames and replaceable inserts, then became popular for businesses that wanted to quickly and cost-effectively update changeable office door, conference room, and cubicle signs. While the holders are a great innovation, the inserts that went inside them are less so. Most sign insert programs center on a decidedly unsophisticated process: Word templates and having to manually cut paper.

However, there were a few problems with these Word-based sign inserts:

Learning curve:

Using a Word template to create a sign sounds simple until you have to do it. As there’s no set way to do it, there’s a lot of room to get things wrong. It’s not unusual for someone just learning how to work with the template to wasting dozens of pieces of paper trying to get their sign just right. And it’s not uncommon for them to simply give up, settling for subpar results.

Room for error:

Adjusting a margin one-quarter of an inch, changing the font type or even bolding or underlining certain characters can all wreak havoc on the spacing of your signage. A simple change can make your signs off-center, too big, or too small to look appropriate in the holders. The more people who use the Word template, the more likely you are to face these problems.

Material limitations:

Sign inserts are designed to work with a standard printer, so most companies opt for standard paper or card stock. They typically avoid more expensive materials or stationary because of the margin for error and waste involved in creating a sign insert.

Minimal branding:

When you’re dependent on a Word program, you're going to be stuck with the same generic fonts, colors, and images that every other user has access too. Your customization and branding options are limited to what the program can provide.

The biggest problem with modern sign insert programs is that the software that creates them is outdated. Word is not a design program, which is why it doesn't make sense to use it to create signage.

For effective sign inserts, you want a program specifically developed to provide a user-friendly interface, design consistency, pre-perforated paper and reliably-branded results: SIM™.

An Easier Process for Creating Sign Inserts

We looked at the current method of updating changeable office doors, conference room, and cubicle signs with Word and said: "There has to be a better way." So we decided to create it ourselves. SIM™ is designed specifically to eliminate the margin of error and allow you to easily create custom-designed sign inserts with consistent design and branding results.

Are you ready to enjoy the flexibility of being able to manage sign insert changes in-house without having to wait? Do you want HR to be able to welcome new employees with a personalized cubicle sign on their first day? Should your facilities managers be able to assign and create changeable conference room signs with a few clicks of a mouse?

SIM™ provides the flexibility and scalability to manage sign inserts for small offices to major, multi-territory companies, by offering it through the cloud. Whether you have corporate offices spread internationally or a local commercial building with changing needs, the ability to create changeable office door or conference room signs is available from anywhere.

All you need to do is to access your company’s very own online dashboard to create customized sign inserts that fit your holders. From there, you can make a new sign insert—or fifty— in four simple steps:

Choose the sign type:

Sign insert templates are designed according to your company’s unique specifications to match with the types of holders you use. So all you need to do is select the sign type you want to change out.

Enter the new information:

All your fonts, spacing, measurements, and other details are pre-set to ensure that you can't accidentally change the template and break the formatting.

Preview the sign:

You can get a print preview of your sign to ensure that it appears exactly as you want before you move on to print. Your logo, employee picture, or other brand-specific details are automatically included.

Click print:

Then, you print the new sign on the quality perforated paper provided. There's no need to cut it down to size, as it's already perforated based on the specifications of your holders.

We've designed SIM™ to minimize the steps needed to create your sign inserts. This reduces the risk of human error and waste related to incorrectly printed signs. You can even save more time by uploading a spreadsheet to print off sign inserts in bulk. And when the person who handles the sign management program passes their duties on to someone else, a new employee can step into their shoes quickly to ensure sign standards stay up to date.

Everything about SIM™ is designed with your business needs in mind.

“Veeva Systems has been using the GNU Group’s Sign Insert Manager for over a year now. We have 1,300+ employees, and it has been an amazingly simple tool for us to instantly change or add new employees names to our Sign Standards System developed by GNU Group. Type the name, click print and remove the pre-sized paper and insert into the sign. It controls the font, type size, etc. - we love it!”

- Lisa Morse, Workplace Services Coordinator, Veeva Systems

Enjoy Sign Insert Innovation Driven by Your Needs

make door signs online for all your offices

We offer updates and upgrades as your needs changed, thanks to the flexibility of our cloud-based service. If you need something that the system doesn't currently support, we can often find a way to make it happen. As a result, all our clients get to enjoy the benefits of continuous innovations. More than a few of the features of our programs were born as a result of particular client needs, to include the option to use:

Unique Fonts.

While we have a library of fonts to choose from, we're not strictly limited to those. We've had clients come to us wanting to use a unique font, so we bought the license and added it to the system.  


You can further personalize changeable office door signs by adding photos to your signage with our compatible photo sign inserts. This is especially useful for large businesses where it can be challenging to put a face to a name.  

Better Material Selection.

You are not limited to standard white computer paper or cardstock with SIM™. We can create sign insert programs that work with higher-end materials like parchment or patterned and high-gloss paper that creates a more branded look.  

Customizable Colors.

Every text block can have its own unique color, and we make that even more customizable by offering sign insert stock that can include images, patterns, and photos you can print over to bring your branding to life.  

The innovative flexibility of SIM™ does not stop there either. A subscription service is available if you want to access SIM™ but don’t necessarily need the entire license. Let’s take a look at how these options compare:

Subscription License
Cost Affordable monthly rate Upfront one-time investment
ROI Standardize sign inserts for all offices, regardless of how many, for one easily budgeted price Develop new revenue streams by selling SIM™ services to signage clients (for sign manufacturers)
Duration The subscription buys access for a fixed period. The license is owned and can be used in perpetuity.
Target Audience Smaller companies that wish to handle their own sign insert programs in-house. Large corporations and sign manufacturers who want to either manage their sign insert programs or offer it to other clients.

Getting Started with SIM™ Is Easy

Your new sign insert solution all starts with just one phone call. Tell us the details, like the size of your business and what you're looking for as far as style, branding, materials, holders. Then we’ll take care of the rest.

Often within a matter of days, you’ll receive an online link where any employee can sign into your new SIM™ account and access the dashboard. If there’s any uncertainty about how to use it, we’ll train your employees—though the program is so simple, it usually takes less than 15 minutes to learn.

“GNU Group developed a John Muir Health Sign Standards program for us and at that time we purchased the Sign Insert Manager™ software for on-site management of all future name changes. The software is easy to learn, fast and keeps our insert plaque signs looking the same as they did when first installed. Highly recommend.”

- Doran Newhart, Former VP Strategy & System Development, John Muir Health

Are You Ready to Modernize Your Sign Insert Program?

Before SIM™, there was never an efficient and fully-controlled methodology to change sign inserts. Most of the innovations in the industry focused on the holders, leaving companies to work with limited and error-prone Word templates. SIM™ is a solution that modernizes your insert program while providing a simple user experience that anyone in your office can learn in only minutes.

“AGS, a national architectural sign manufacturer, purchased the Sign Insert Manager software from GNU Group to streamline our production of inserts for our clients during the initial assembly of the signs. We then offer the software to our clients to support their insert change outs. We love its simplicity, and so do our clients around the country.”

- Neil Jacobson, President, AGS

SIM™ is a sophisticated solution that takes the headache out of creating new inserts for changeable office doors, conference rooms, and cubicles by allowing you to print new ones in just four quick clicks.

Our cloud-based program is flexible enough to cater to the needs of any company, whether you have 10 offices or 1000.

GNU Group offers subscriptions and licenses for SIM™ to companies and sign manufacturers of all sizes. We provide ongoing training, support, and updates so your sign insert program can scale easily with your business needs. To learn more about SIM™ and how it can benefit your company’s sign insert program, connect with our team.