Our longevity is testament to the way that our entire team has committed to GNU’s way of doing business. We credit our accomplishments to what we call the Explicit Culture. Our culture is built upon an attitude toward our business, clients, and peers; our processes and procedures; and above all always having people fully committed to the firm’s goals and mission.

The pillars of our Explicit Culture are simple and straightforward.

1. Transparency
Everyone in the firm has access to information. Without secrets you cultivate trust and goodwill. In addition to making all information available, the firm is committed to sharing success.

2. Prescribed Process
Economic success is predicated on efficiency. The firm has codified the processes by which projects are managed and executed. Training is paramount. Systems and procedures are the heart of our management approach and our performance.

3. Honest Communications
We demand candid discourse which eliminates the type of agendas that bubble below the surface in so many companies. Perhaps more than any other factor, honest communications has been the foundation of the Explicit Culture.

4. Personal Responsibility
The expectations that are incumbent in the first 3 pillars mean that everyone is accountable for doing what they say they will do. Following the playbook, adhering to the processes, bringing a positive and energetic attitude to the office each day, respecting peers and wanting to be a part of the firm is crucial to the triumph of the culture.

Our Explicit Culture is the platform for our commitment to clients and the value we bring to their projects and businesses. We call our delivery platform Our Pledge. Like the pillars of the Explicit Culture, Our Pledge has mandates that guide our behavior.

1. Thought Leadership
To be truly valuable to our clients we need to know their businesses as well as we know our own. We must understand the issues that determine their success and the values that drive their endeavors. We must be on the leading edge of markets, trends and behavior and in a position to advance the quality of our solutions.

2. Creative Design Solutions
While our style is business, the foundation of our practice is creativity. Through four decades, success has been a product of inventive, innovative and problem solving design.

3. A Pain Free Program Management Experience
Our culture demands that we take care of our clients. Making the process pain free means we respect our relationships with our clients. When we do what we say we’ll do, clients appreciate and remember. They invite us back.