Civic Environments

If your city is looking to inspire economic growth by attracting tourism and new residents, it may be time for some brand reimaging. Your city may have a lot to offer but people will not know it unless you have branded signage to point the way. Freshly branded city signage can provide a sense of place that visitors and potential residents alike are attracted to. It highlights your city’s amenities and unique features, putting it on the map and top of minds. The effect: differentiation and revitalization.

That’s where GNU Group comes in.

Remind People of Why They Are There With Branded City Signage

GNU Group can completely reimage your city’s brand and present it to the public on new city signage that speaks your local values and purpose. Our signage designs make an emotional impression, welcoming people into your community to drive an inflow of new economic growth.

With our branding and wayfinding expertise, GNU Group can help cities, counties, and government jurisdictions of all types and sizes enhance their visual brand and communicate more effectively through city signage. Our many successful projects have included:

GNU Group’s branded city signage stands out, communicating your municipality’s unique character. Our work attracts new residents and tourists while inspiring civic pride.

Showcase All Your City Has to Offer With Help From GNU Group

Make people know what your city offers by reimaging your brand with GNU Group’s city signage. From rebranding strategy and design to fabrication and installation, we provide end-to-end project oversight to deliver comprehensive branded wayfinding programs. And with our Sign Standards Advantage™, we can identify your signage needs and develop a scalable plan that can grow with your city.

Download our Civic Marketplace Overview

GNU Group is an expert signage consultant that can provide the branding and wayfinding services your city needs to draw new residents and visitors. To learn how our people-focused branding and city signage can help boost your local economy, connect with our team.

Town of San Anselmo

When the Town of San Anselmo’s Economic Development Committee instituted a branding, signage and wayfinding program, they turned to one its members and town resident, GNU Group founder Richard Burns.   »

County Of Santa Clara – Vietnamese American Services Center

GNU Group worked with Aedis Architects and the County of Santa Clara to implement the county sign standards program in their impressive new Vietnamese Services Center Building in San Jose, CA.   »

Jewish Community Center

GNU Group worked with The Jewish Community Center in Palo Alto to create a new exterior identification program that would be cohesive to their previous wayfinding program.   »

The Wave at Emerald Glen Park

The City of Dublin's new waterpark called The Wave has amusement park-style slides with exterior signage that are vibrant in color and interior signage with a classic boardwalk feel.   »

Downtown Davis

The City of Davis has destinations they want to clearly direct visitors, students, and residents to. GNU developed a comprehensive downtown Wayfinding Program for the community.   »

Novato Admin Offices

Next to Historic City Hall, Novato developed a new home for their Administrative Offices. A great example of balancing historic relevance with modern office requirements.   »

Downtown San Leandro

San Leandro needed more attention for it's Downtown District and we developed the Wayfinding program to support this vibrant and vital part of the City   »

Martinez Senior Center

After viewing the Donor Recognition work GNU developed for Pleasant Hill Rec & Parks Dept., the Director of Martinez Senior Center called us up with a challenging and rewarding task   »

Napa County Library

The City of Napa determined their library was not calling enough attention to itself. Paying homage to agrarian history, GNU developed a sign program that couldn't be missed.   »

Berkeley Libraries

To acknowledge the contributors, the City asked GNU Group to create a donor recognition program with displays that reflect the character of each branch and their distinct architectural styles.   »

Pleasant Hill Parks & Recreation

There is no doubt the Citizens of Pleasant Hill love their Parks and Recreation Facilities. New Community, Senior and Teen Centers pave the way for a new community sign standards.   »

Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian

GNU worked with the LOPC community to come up with a new exterior campus sign program that draws an appropriate level of attention while preserving the beautiful views within.   »