Corporate Environments

Your corporate architectural graphics and wayfinding signage are more than just “products”—they are an opportunity to connect with your employees and customers alike through branding. Signage can unite everyone with a shared story about your company’s values and purpose.

That’s why GNU Group treats your signage program as a human-centered service. For every project, we carefully review existing signage and graphics and intensely study your company’s brand identity to create comprehensive, cost-effective, and people-first programs. We provide end-to-end project oversight, from the planning stages to the installation.

Complete Corporate Architectural Signage And Wayfinding Systems

GNU Group has proprietary processes to ensure that your corporate wayfinding systems and architectural signage programs are implemented without a hitch. Our team takes a hands-on approach, understanding your signage challenges and goals to build a program that receives permit approval. Here’s how:

We have designed customized branded signage programs for corporations across the country, We can be your partner, too. Let us delivery an on-point branded signage program that ‘speaks’ to the people who matter most to you.

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Partner With GNU Group For Better Brand Engagement

GNU Group has over 30 years’ experience establishing corporate wayfinding systems and architectural signage that truly reflects a company’s unique brand. Our programs are both functional and human-centric, engaging employees and making visitors feel welcome. To learn more about our programs, connect with our team today.

Cisco 444 Townsend

Cisco needed fresh signage to match the modern esthetic the office exuded. Cisco’s new sign standards were implemented in the office space to fit the interior design and improve wayfinding.   »


Broadcom’s new corporate campus in San Jose includes four buildings and a renovated outdoor courtyard space. GNU designed and implemented signage for interior and exterior spaces.   »

Stripe “Ivy”

Using natural materials to blend in with the environment, GNU Group designed an interior signage and wayfinding program for Stripe's Ivy location.   »


It had been the mid-80's since GNU had done work in Texas, so we were thrilled when Atlassian requested that we help them brand their new headquarters in downtown Austin, Texas.   »


A revised brand and new headquarters building on their campus in San Jose, RMW brings GNU onto the team to reevaluate campus signage and amenities branding for the new headquarters.   »

Tech Company

Forward thinking Tech Company decides to get really creative with their new headquarters and works with GNU impart their company culture through signage, graphics and displays.   »


With our familiarity of Foundry Square and San Francisco sign ordinances, Studios Architecture collaborates with GNU on a VISION for the Nasdaq's Entrepreneurial Center.   »


No seriously... who knew barfing rainbow unicorns could somehow find their way into corporate culture. Fennie+Mehl requests our creative presence on this wild ride for box.   »

BGI / BlackRock

GNU started working with Barclays Global Investors to brand their world headquarters and shortly after completion, BlackRock acquired Barclays which resulted in a rebrand.   »