Office Environments

Are you missing out on opportunities to engage your employees, uniting them under the flag of your company’s values? Communicating your values and culture in your built environment is a crucial, but often overlooked, part of branding. Visible branding throughout your company’s space can convey pride in your organization and inspire employees. But, there’s more to it than just splashing logos on the entryway wall. GNU Group helps you create custom office signage and graphics to align employees with your company’s unique brand identity.

Custom Office Signage to Enhance Your Environment 

Translating your company’s identity through custom office signage is not a job for amateurs. Office signage is unique because its primary audience is employees, not clients or customers. You don’t want to overwhelm them with logos and slogans but you do want to underline how they’re a crucial part of your organization. Our sign programs, built on experience and knowledge, accomplish that goal. 

While we take a different approach to every office signage project, we use a tried-and-true proprietary process: Sign Profile Analysis™. This comprehensive review will help you understand what you have and what you need to make cost-effective branded signage decisions. With our help, you can create a cohesive, human-centric office signage program that’s both cost-effective and engaging.

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Working with GNU Group to Engage Employees 

With 30 years of corporate experience behind us, GNU Group is your best choice when it comes to creating custom office signage that puts your brand in the best light. Our systematic approach establishes signage solutions that are cost-effective and built to grow with your company. For more information on how we can improve your organization through signage, connect with our team today.

Dubuque Innovation Center

Working directly with PSAI, GNU was tasked with developing a name and identity for this newly acquired asset.   »

The Research Park

GNU Group partnered with Blue Rise Ventures to assist DRA Advisors in repositioning the existing Marina Village Office Park located in Alameda, CA.   »

560 Mission

560 Mission Street's renovated lobby called for an update to its existing directories. GNU Group designed digital directories that serve as an information hub for its tenants and visitors.   »


Brereton Architects led the exterior, lobby and common area improvements at this iconic SF address and GNU is invited to create equally iconic branded sculptural IDs for the project   »

Marina Village

Never "throw the baby out with the bath water", Brookfield works with GNU to creatively leverage their existing sign program for their reBranding efforts in Alameda, California   »

Rosewood Commons

A multi-building AT&T campus acquired by Swift is repositioned as a amenity laden multi-tenant office campus, GNU is tapped to assist in with the new campus wayfinding and signage   »

680 Folsom Street

Sometimes it is the smaller facets of a project that can really make a great impact. In this case our development of just the building monument for Boston Properties, tying the outside to the in.   »

535 Mission Street

Often times building addresses are mere after-thoughts. Boston Properties collaborates with GNU to come up with a unique integrated address statement that is clearly not an after-thought   »

1455 Market Street

At the epicenter of the Mid-Market renaissance, 1455 Market needed to be rebranded and Hudson Pacific Properties collaborated with GNU to reimagine it's presence within the urban fabric.   »

Mills Building

This historic building was one of the only to survive the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Read how GNU has thoughtfully brought it's building directory and sign program up to date.   »

115 Sansome

After decades of neglect, Harvest Properties makes the investment in changing out a disjointed sign program. GNU designs a thoughtful new program honoring the buildings historic design.   »