Residential Environments

Mixed-use residential housing is extremely popular today because of its nearness to amenities. Residents want self-contained communities that fill all their needs, whether they’re walking the dog or getting coffee from the shop downstairs. The best mixed-use development projects offer everyday convenience—and an easy way to find the amenities that provide it.

Graphics and signage in a mixed-use development need to act as advertising, wayfinding, and branding. Subtle, intelligently-created signs can convey all of this without being too disruptive for a residential community. At GNU Group, we excel at striking the right signage balance.

How GNU Group Delivers the Best Mixed-Use Development Projects

To provide the right signage for the best mixed-use development projects, GNU Group relies on proprietary programs developed over our years of completing residential projects. Mixed-use development projects benefit significantly from our Sign Profile AnalysisTM. You can save on signage costs with our comprehensive review of your current signage assets that can be leveraged for a fresh sign program.

GNU Group’s proprietary processes are designed to turn your signage program into a turnkey system that’s predictable, flexible, and scalable for years to come. Our designs fit into the landscape of your development to create consistent appeal and connection with your community’s brand.

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Striking the Right Balance with GNU Group

The best mixed-use development signage programs must balance very different tasks. They need to provide clear information for residents. They should also offer branded curb appeal to act as subtle marketing for visitors and passersby. GNU Group can seamlessly meld together these unique attributes to create one effective, comprehensive program. To learn more, connect with our team.

Trinity Place

Trinity Place includes a 6-level below grade garage for 900+ cars and a 19-story residential tower, outdoor plaza and street level retail.   »

The Skylyne at Temescal

The Skylyne at Temescal is a new multi-use development that houses over 400 residential units as well as multiple retail spaces. This high-end urban development needed an integrated signage and graphics program to help support the overall branding, wayfinding, and identification requirements of the site.   »

Alta Laguna, San Francisco

One of San Francisco's newest and largest residential projects, GNU is working with Wood Partners on wayfinding and identification programs for this multi-block development.   »

175 Bluxome, San Francisco

Through an architect's vision, GNU develops both an identity and a integrated sign program that speaks to a key site feature in this redesigned condo complex South of Market.   »

Mission Bay, Block 1

Block 1 in Mission Bay is the front door to the newest neighborhood within SF city limits. GNU is collaborating with Strada and Arquitectonica to brand this high-end residential development.   »

Avalon Transit Villages

GNU worked closely with Avalon Bay Communities to assist in planning, designing and implementing comprehensive sign programs for all (3) of their Bay Area Transit Villages.   »

ODEON, San Francisco

Located a short block off of Union Square, this high-end residential development needed a compelling name, brand identity, marketing communications and signage. GNU Delivered.   »

ONE Ala Moana

This (17) story, luxury condominium development is anchored off of the iconic Ala Moana shopping center located in Honolulu, Hawaii. GNU is collaborating with Ben Woo Architects.   »