Sign Profile Analysis

Sign Profile Analysis™

Best Signage Plan to Manage Costs for Wayfinding and Environmental Graphics Program

Without a signage plan, it’s a virtual guarantee that you’ll waste time and money buying unnecessary signs and placing them in ineffective places. Make this mistake and you may face sticker shock when you try to resolve a piecemealed program.

The only way to effectively control the cost of a sign program is to create a comprehensive plan right from the start. That is why GNU Group developed our proprietary Sign Profile Analysis™. With our comprehensive signage analysis, you get a turnkey solution with easy to predict costs.

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A Comprehensive Signage Plan to Control Business Sign Costs

Our SPA™ helps you answer the question “What will my sign program cost?” once and for all. We build a signage plan that clearly lays out exactly what you need, where it needs to go, and most importantly, how much your business’ signs will cost.

GNU Group achieves this for you by following our tried-and-true three-step SPA™ process:

 #1: The Circulation Plan

#1: The Circulation Plan

During the first phase, we track the traffic flow of your facility so we can see where it is heaviest and how current signs direct it. This allows us to identify areas of high demand as well as spaces with potential bottlenecks.

 #2: The Use Plan

#2: The Use Plan

Here, we identify the types of signs in use and their major functions. These signs fit into four main categories:

  • Branding signs highlight your corporate identity.
  • Wayfinding signs provide direction.
  • Identity signs mark key locations and amenities.
  • Regulatory signs are required by local ordinance or state and federal laws.
 #3: The Sign Location Plan

#3: The Sign Location Plan

We then map sign locations with helpful color-coding to easily recognize sign types and where they are throughout your entire property. This helps you understand where signage is needed, as well as places it may be redundant.

We combine our findings into a comprehensive report that explains exactly what you have as well as our recommendations to improve your current signage plan. This report includes:

  • A full inventory of signs in use on your property 
  • High and low budget ranges for branding, wayfinding, identity, and regulatory signs
  • A wayfinding strategy to improve foot traffic
  • Jurisdictionally accurate regulatory signage guidance
  • Information on electrical, lighting, and landscaping issues that need to be accounted for

When we’re done with the SPA™ process, you will have everything you need to make informed decisions about the cost of your business’ signs. You can then better control the final expense and prevent cost creep.

Get the GNU Group Advantage with a Sign Profile Analysis™

Our SPA™ is a proven expense-saver, with clients reporting 10-20% savings on average. By working with GNU Group on your signage plan, you can predictably manage business sign costs now and in the future. For more information on how we can help you manage signage costs, connect with our team.